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Is Your Website Infected With Malware?

We Can Fix Any Hacked Website - 100% Money Back Guarantee - YunitySoft  offers Expert Malware Removal, Hack Repair, and Security Experience.

Malware Removal Services

If you are looking to remove malware from a website? Our best website malware removal service and solutions will clean and restore your hacked website. YunitySoft  provides complete website security solutions and services including all website malware removal, backdoor, Google blacklist warning and secure against future cyber attacks. Your website will need to be scanned and cleaned periodically, backed-up and security measures regularly updated to protect it from being infected by malware.

Best Website Malware removal Services

We will 100% remove all malware from the website including backdoors, trojans, spyware, viruses, SEO blackhat spam, phishing, hidden crypt-miners and defacement’s. If you’re looking to hire a trusted team of security experts who have over 10 year’s experience securing Websites to keep them safe and secure from hackers and cyber criminals take a look at  the professional and affordable website malware removal services we offer.

  • Removing the malware.
  • Getting the website secured as possible (software on the website up date).
  • Trying to determine how the website was infected and fix that.
fix malware infected website  in hyderabad

Has your website been recently hacked by a malware that is harming your business reputation and reducing your Search Engine score? If yes, then Hyderabad based YunitySoft is here to help you and provide a speedy malware removal service. We have a huge experience in removing any kind of malware, for any type of hosting, whether its a shared hosting or a dedicated server. Our in-house team of web malware experts at our Greater Hyderabad Area office have not only removed regular malware, our team has expertise in removing malware that gained root access and infected system files. Most of the malware are developed to send spam emails that results in server IP being blacklisted. At YunitySoft, we also provide assistance in removing your IP address from email blacklists.

Website security analyze and update

Keep your website running clean and fast

Using open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress or any other? To prevent possibility for the hackers get access to your website we will analyze and update all installed extentions themes and scripts. 

We will keep updated copies of your website data to ensure there is no loss of data if an attack happens. Our daily monitoring will keep these attacks to a minimum. We will first put your website into safe mode to prevent any further damage or data loss. We provide fast malware, spyware, viruses, and backdoor removal. We install monitoring software as an added security later to prevent future attacks. As soon as we are notified of suspicious activity on your website we act on it to remove any malware or another virus component.

Hacked Website Cleaning

Our website malware removal service ensures that your website is cleaned from any malicious code, updated to the latest security release & uploaded back to your hosting provider by our professional website security team.We will ensure that all infected website files are quarantined and the required system files are replaced with clean copies. We clean & protect hacked Wordpress & Joomla websites on a daily basis and have been doing so for the past 10 years. 

We have over 10 years experience helping businesses like yours get back online after getting hacked by cyber criminals. When your Joomla! or WordPress site is defaced or infected with malware we understand it’s very important to get your website back online as soon as possible to reduce the damage to your business. We have the security skills, experience and knowledge to repair and fix a hacked website within 24 hours

wordpress malware removal service in hyderabad

WordPress Website Malware Removal Services

Our team is made up of expert WordPress developers with hands-on experience in cleaning and white listing malware affected WordPress websites. We charge a flat fee  for cleanups. This fee includes:

  • A lifetime Guarantee
  • 24-hour turnaround—we start right away
  • Unlimited pages
  • Updates of all plugins, themes and the WordPress core to stable versions
  • A free recommendation report to prevent future attacks
  • Optimize WordPress database or repair corrupted  database tables
  • .htaccess file hack clean up

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